Christmas Drinks and Icing

Mr Him's Sloe Gin
Mulled wine

Its been a strange week.  I'm finding it hard to get into the Xmas spirit, even though I've tried.  I've tried in the village pub with a mulled wine, I've tried at home with Mr Him's sloe gin

Frankie & Bennys
 and I've tried with a French Martini at Frankie &  Bennys ( a chain of  old style New York bars.)  
French Martini (yum)

Sloe Gin making is an autumn tradition in our house. It is a well organised operation that involves Mr Him taking me into the countryside in the spring to scope out the location of blossoming Blackthorn trees.  The sites of his target are mapped in his brain and stored until needed in the autumn.  Then once again, as the frost arrives, Mr Him ventures into the countryside with a container and climbs his targets, foraging for fruits.  It should be noted that these two trips, are the only ventures Mr Him makes into the countryside, without persuasion. 

Meanwhile I stand by laughing and worrying, in that order. The Sloes are then poured into a demijohn along with gin and sugar.  Over the next few weeks Mr Him ventures into  a dark cupboard everyday and shakes.   He tells me its the gin he's shaking but who knows in that dark understairs cupboard.  Towards the end of autumn its filtered daily over a week.  
Sloe gin factory in kitchen

Mr Him is not the only one who prepares for Xmas.  I have made the Xmas cakes, as you know,  (Christmas Cake and Eccentric Brits). I  decided to take the plunge and ice them, gritter effect or not.  I seem to have succeeded which is the end to one tradition, snow and gritter effect icing.

Cake nut free for young online shopping genius

cake for rest of the family
To reassure you that alcohol is not the only beverage that features in my life I did also this week visit the coca cola truck, Holiday's are coming.  

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