Catching Up Whilst we Wait for Numptiness

Dear Reader

I have been chastised for not updating this blog recently.  I apologise but in defence I  have been adding to my 'other' blog, the boring one.  My lack of contribution here, dear reader, is due to lack of numptiness of Mr Him, and my family.   In some ways its restful, as you can imagine. 

Whilst we wait for numptiness to return you may wish to distract yourself with these boring offerings  here, just scroll through the outfits to get to the scenery bits, the last being most interesting (dreams.)

I also filled some time last Sunday copying a local Tesco advert, here 

Plus I did cook a meal and here is the videographic evidence.   Most likely I did this by the delegated method. 

Cooking with Hello Fresh

I am  currently attempting No Spend October and Coach to 5k and have written about both here .  You will see that I have had my first tantrum!

Finally, let's consider what numpty means here.  I hadn't reaslised quite how apt!


  1. Thanks for the definition, nice to hear from you!

  2. Mr Him's numptiness level is down? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Perhaps you should get him to plan a little walking tour somewhere to kickstart it again!


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