Historical, not, Sites

Dear reader, last week not only saw me entertaining by bar stool leapage but I also showed my Kenyan colleague what he kept calling historical sites, not hysterical sites please note.  All well and good and very  kind of me, wasn't it to show him these 'historical' sites! Well, yes except these sites were Martian burrowing cylinders, time machine clocks and Martians. 

I kept explaining that they weren't in fact histortorical but I think something was lost in translation!  I suspect he will have some interesting stories to tell of England, the Martians and time travel. Just thank goodness he wasn't visiting during our draft apocalypse!

I have written before here (ckick on link on here) of the role of the town that  I work in had in The War of the World's but many of you weren't readers then so do click on the link to see more.

To whet your appetite here are some pics I took last week of 'historical sites'. There are no bar stool leaping hysterical sites.

A martian looms over the town

this sneaked in and is historical in the context of Status Quo

Time machine clock in a pub.  The outer circle is books


  1. His visit and your helpful stint as a tour guide will provide him with lots of good stories on his return to Kenya, I'm sure.

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