A Luncheon in London

Dear reader,  

I have a pictorial treat for you today.  On Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to a 'lunch' at Plaisterers Hall in London.  Plaisterers Hall is one of the livery or guild halls.  I have written of another Livery hall that I have visited here. (I have to say though that my favourite to date is Butchers Hall but I wasn't blogging at the time so didn't take pics).

And about Plaisterers Hall here .  

As I arrived on Thursday I saw remains of the old London Wall, but as you can tell from the video Here , I have difficulty saying where exactly are the Roman remains, and that was before drinking wine.  Later there would be no hope.

I ate in unusual elegance, which reminds me that I must speak to Mr Him.  

To set the scene let me take you on my journey. 

Below is St Mary Le Bow which is mentioned in 'Oranges and Lemons' the nursery rhyme  more on this here

I had a quick pick me up looking almost opposite the above bell tower, in Nespresso. 

Plaisterers Hall has an almost Wedgewoodesque ceiling

 I obviously couldn't take photos of the guests and meal but here is my napkin after I had indulged in game terreine, stuffed chicken breast, chocolate eclairs and various cakes, coffee and a chocolate truffle.

I also sneaked a video of inside for you.  here


  1. Thanks for the tour of this beautiful building. The food sounds good. Sorry to hear of the recent terror attack in London too.

  2. That ceiling is definitely Wedgewoodesque. Glad that you had a treat - and echoing Christine about the recent attack.

  3. Wow! That is stunning! I also love the UK castles. They have often also these beautiful ceilings and walls.

  4. Some amazing photos , love the detail. And again sorry to hear about the terrorist attack.

  5. Such beautiful architecture, you were so privileged to get to lunch there. The ceilings are beauty to behold. Enjoyed both posts on this, what a day you had. Hugs, x


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