Woodstock or Zen

Dear reader

A few weeks ago Miss 22 decided that she'd like to build a 'Zen Garden '.  She bought little white stones and a small bamboo fence. She weeded and planned.   I had thoughts  peaceful activities such as meditation and a bit of upside dog going on. Well upside down dog may have gone on but I doubt it was anything to do with yoga!

You see I awoke on Sunday to find Woodstock had happened in my garden.  

It all started when Miss 22  and Miss 18 gathered some friends and  variously they headed to the woods for sticks to burn and the supermarket for ribs and donuts.  I suspected when I saw the remnants the next morning that that wasn't all that was bought. 

Mr Him and I headed to bed unawares of the carnage  going on at the end of our garden.
The next morning I drew curtains to find the refuse of  Woodstock incarnate.
I'll let you enjoy in the video.

I soon set them to clearing up. It got this far.

Happily, later in the day the remnants of Baby Woodstock had been cleared up and we had Zen once again.


  1. Oh good. My zen would have been seriously threatened by that mess. Which puts me firmly into the grumpy old woman category. Sigh.

  2. Better to have Woodstock at home in the backyard I say!

  3. Mistake Number One - YOU WENT TO BED!!!

  4. The peace of a Zen Garden . . . the mayhem of Woodstock . . . yin and yang, Anna, yin and yang.

  5. Now that sounds like some serious fun happened out there overnight, oh to be that young again !


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