Back Home and the Meta-human

I'm home now and its back to wearing a rain mac and tights.  Here in the UK people are talking of summer just starting.  Really?!! It's because schools have only just broken up so August is thought to be 'summer'.  We actually had a heatwave in June though this year. That was 'summer'.

Whilst we were away our ginger cat missed Mr Him so Miss 22 made, (her words) Mr 26 pay him some attention. 

A 'giant' Budleja arrived, for which I'd ordered a trolley to move it. Turns out it was a foot high!  It took 2 men and a trolley to maneuver my 'giant' Budleija.

Miss 22 built what she called Temple Palace with her washed bedding.  
Then abandoned it, apparently.

Miss 22 also built what appears to have built   a runway in the garden to help us home.

I have now returned to work and dealt with a wagon load of emails. Delete delete delete. I've also ate a wagon load of cake.  One email even said, ' welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the chocolate cake. Can you fill in this spreadsheet please. '  That was from someone on another floor! And I didn't even know the sender! My cake eating reputation had gone viral, and I'd only been back a day.

Despite not getting sunburn on holiday I seem to have managed it at home.  This was most surprising considering I was in bed at night sleeping at the time. Now some may say the sun shines out of Mr Him's whatsiname but I'd prefer it didn't.  The result of Mr Him's radiance was that I had a very sore and inflamed red face. It didn't occur to me that I needed factor SPF extra strong in bed sleeping with him. Has he turned into a meta-human.  He says not.  He says it's the new glycolic acid exfoliating serum that I had put on that night. Hmmmm.  Nice try.


  1. Welcome home? Enjoy your summer and nighttime sunburns.

  2. If my work colleagues had provided cake I might have been more productive.
    Sigh on the night time burn front. And Mr Him's self-serving logic.

  3. Welcome home! Thoroughly enjoyed the breath of summer that you shared while you were away. Longing for summer here in Sydney.

    SSG xxx

  4. Such a funny pic of the trolley push! I feel your pain, oh how I do not miss the hundreds of emails on return from holiday now I'm retired, the cakes were nice though ..


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