Gran Canaria - The Wrap Up

Last year I did a post on what we'd miss. Funny how things change depending on where you are.  This year I will miss the 2 weeks I've had with Miss 18. She's been great company.  Gems that had us laughing were;

Me. 'Norwegian airlines put famous people on their tails '
Miss 18 'can't they get a private jet or something '.

Mr Him 'You've got a good tan miss 18'
Miss 18 'yes I know, right, I'm jealous of my own back. '

Mr Him hasn't really had any moments of ridiculous this time. Thank goodness. 
There is nothing we did regularly enough to say I'll miss that but let's give it a go.

The clear sea...the water is so so clean, the sea bed gently slopping. I'll miss swimming in that sea water.

Sea water skin...I'll miss how the salt and humidity make my skin 20 years younger.

The sea ferry to the other local ports. A really good value ferry called Salmon.

The view of blossom against sea and sky

Mr Him's outfits...not

The mirrored lift in the first hotel which gave us lots of hideous sights

Looking forward to

Seeing Miss 22 and the animals.

This year both apartments had washing machines so I can't have that on the list
Rain....yes I'm looking forward to rain on my skin, cloudy grey skies, and wearing my jeans.

Eating healthily.  This year we ate out more. It shows. 

Miss 18 is looking forward to sinking into her own soft bed.

Decent wine.  I haven't had a decent wine and only one nice Sangria.  I did buy a cheap bottle of Cava for the apartment.

Most Sangria has been on tap and lemonade based. We were spoilt in Tenerife last few years.

Shade.  Our last hotel was a suntrap with very little shade. It would be so easy for them to have more umbrellas. There were none by the bar area.

Leaving behind any thoughts of engaging with my inner goat

Not needing to reserve a sunbed in my garden.

My own kitchen.

My lounge and TV

My normal routine.  Does that sound wrong?  We spend so long in our routine and yearn for holidays then......

Anyway here is the holiday video. our Gran Canaria Holiday


  1. Sounds like you have had some fun times but miss your house. We used to do that but now for the last 11 years we take our house wherever we go, same bed, kitchen, recliner, it is nice to visit new places and not leave home.

  2. Fantastic trip! I watched some of your video - the beaches and the water look so inviting. -Jenn

  3. What a lovely holiday so far, how great you will have your girls at one point or another. Oh Mr Him's outfits!

  4. How lovely to have enjoyed time away with Miss 18. The same would NOT have been true (on either side) when I was her age.
    Love the colour you shared too.

  5. Welcome back to grey blighty. Re Mr Him's outfits.....woah...that yellow is blinding .....and with pink? Maybe he should wear that in grey blighty and cheer up the neighbourhood.

  6. Looks so pretty! Sounds like a great trip!! Please send me your email so I can reply to you directly from my blog posts!!


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