How much Fun can be had with 2 Lilos and a Husband's Underwear in a Full Lift?

Dear reader, 

Mr Him has done it again.  Caused Miss 18, myself, reception staff and various guests in a lift great hilarity. For most people this is no mean feat but in Mr Him's case it just took underwear, or lack thereof. 

We had moved hotel. In the new hotel Miss 18 and I weren't satisfied with the room so arranged a transfer. Mr Him had unpacked already eager for his second week to begin.  He repacked and we shuffled across to the new room. We then lazed by the pool,  enjoyed happy hour, had a swim. Mr Him waddled off to our room for a shower. He was a while.  He was more a-while.  After even more a- while we went to the room to see if he'd been washed away.  He came to the door ensconced in a towel. ' I seem to have a predicament ' he said. 

'I don't have any underwear. ' 

We were incredulous.  'You've been here a week and only just noticed.' 

'No, I had underwear yesterday.  I just don't today. '

'What, none?'

'Yes, none except what I wore today.'

I asked him if he possibly left them in the other room. Miss 18 and I giggled (convulsed actually) our way to reception. We explained Mr Him's 'predicament.' 

I don't know who's plight they had sympathy for, mine, Mr Him's, Miss 18's, theirs or the general populace's but reception handed over a key to our last room with supersonic speed, and laughter. "You better check before the next people arrive and think they're a hotel giveaway. '

'They'd complain if they did ' I said.  ' they aren't exactly new'. I didn't add maybe not even clean. (Actually they were clean as our dirty clothes go in a laundry bag. )

We found the pile of clean boxer shorts neatly folded in a draw, handed back the key and wandered to restaurant to browse the menu, just to keep him in suspense a little longer. 

Then the lift beckoned. We squeezed ourselves in amongst 2 men, one lady and 2 lilos. One man decided it would be amusing to keep bopping us with the upright taller than us lilos.  

We told them of the boxershorts excursion  which led to one saying.  'How much fun can 5 people  have in a lift with two lilos and a husband's underwear. '

There are no videos.


  1. Now that really sounds like you had way too much fun sharing in the elevator. Nothing like a a good laugh now and again.

  2. Lucky Mr Him.
    I suspect I would have sent him out on his own search and rescue mission.

  3. Hahaha, oh what a funny story!

  4. So funny. He could have gone commando down to reception but you would have missed all the fun!

  5. Like the Pouting Pensioner, my advice to Mr Him would have been "just go el commando, man!" Let the boys swing free!

  6. If only there was a video! It might be more funny left to the imagination! Now I need to go see what a lilo is.

  7. Haha that was a great start to my Monday morning thanks for the chuckle

  8. Hahahaha ����thats so funny!


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