NYC and The Films

New York,  featured in many films and TV shows from Sleepless in Seattle and Working Girl  to Blue Bloods and NYPD Blues.  There was much in this fast paced city that was the epitome of the screen.

Brown stones and the fire escapes

Staten Island Ferry

Ice skating at Rockerfeller

However,  there were a few things that were not as I expected.

Hmmm not as NYPD Blues portrays it and I couldn't see Frank Reagan pootling around in one of these.

Wall Street  ....really just a few buildings long!  

But, oh Grand Central, you outshone your portrayal in movies with your glitz and glamour.


  1. I'd like to see those police vehicles in the next police car chase movie scene!

  2. Welcome to North America NYC in particular, enjoy your time there. We prefer the desert to big cities though.

  3. Did you see steam coming out of pavement vents? Dog walkers in Central Park? Walk/don't walk signs?

  4. Looks like you enjoyed your trip!

  5. What about a yellow taxi??? Apart from the police vehicles exactly as I expected.

  6. Police Smartcars?!!! No quite so macho, eh, maybe that's what they use to nip out to buy their doughnuts and cawfey. And re Steph's comment, is there an OOTD pic of which dress you wore over the vent? Great piece, Anna, and great pics. I think you enjoyed your trip ... now what about the shopping? I saw the GAP bag had been binned!!!

  7. We can't help ourselves: whenever we see a smart car, we say ,"stupid car". Maybe those are driven by police who just go around and hand out parking tickets? -Jenn

  8. I love visiting NYC.... your photos make me want to see it all again. Happy travels!


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