How to do New York in 4 days

Dear reader,  my trip was fast and to the point.  If it were a sentence it would be succinct.  I saw what I had to see. I drank what I had to drink.  I ate what I had to eat.  I experienced what I had to experience.  Here's how. 

Day 1

After arriving mid afternoon and a shower after the flight we got stuck right into sightseeing.  The hotel was the Holiday Inn on Washington street right in the financial district.  Lovely staff and comfortable clean hotel.  Perfect. 
Within a 10 minute walk I was taken to the 911 memorial. This is beautiful, somber and moving.  

Across the road is the site of the World Trade Center bombing. It's marked with a  elegant white arched landmark.

We took a stroll down nearby Wall Street 

and I was rather in awe of the steam gushing from the street. We don't have this phenomenon in the UK from our underground train system.

I was then introduced to an Irish pub (they get everywhere don't they) where I began my new friendship with a Cosmopolitan.

This was followed by a taxi ride to Greenwich Village. I found the restaurants here plentiful but pricey so ended up in a curry  Taco cafe.  Yes, really!

Day 2

An early start and a walk to catch the Staten Island Ferry

 and a trip past The Statue of Liberty,

to Staten Island where I saw these guys.  I thought they were pretty good. click on the video

And then back.  

Here's a clip on YouTube of arriving back to Manhattan. 

Next a subway trip to the shops in the shadow of the Empire State Building.

Saks, and a strawberry mojito in Hard Rock Cafe.  

On to Trump Tower and a trip up the escalators to see all the glitz of this building. 

Backpack on me full of shopping but looking dodgy entering Trump Tower

 Followed by a street hotdog (had to be done. )  Bloomingdales to get Little Brown Bags for my daughters then Patsy pizza for happy hour and a glass of something. 

Next the cable car to Roosevelt Island and a look at the view of Manhattan from across the East River.

Straight on then to Brooklyn for a peek at the neighbourhood and supper.  Another Patsy Pizza where I had pasta and bolognaise. 
I walked 26000 steps that day.

Day 3

A walk to Soho,  and back.  Just because my friend wanted to look in the men's department of DKNY, which involved 12000 steps (there and back) and no men's section.  Still I consoled myself with a spree in Gap after my 12000 steps were completed.

Then onto  the Rockerfeller Centre.

I went down in the lift to the bar below (yes, its a lift)

where I consoled myself further with New York cheesecake and a Margarita,  Martini with olives. Not a combination I'd recommend with the cheesecake.

Next stop Grand Central Station, which outshone my expectations. 

From there we went to East Village where I had an Earl Grey tea and chips sitting outside in the sun

 and a bus to the Meat Packing District for supper.

Day 4

I'm worn out just writing this!

A walk across that fabulous piece of architecture, Brooklyn Bridge,

a bus to Central Park

And a stop off at a deli in Chelsea for a New York cheesecake lunch. ...after my last Cosmopolitan in the city.

That's how to do  it!


  1. Wow I'm exhausted just reading about your trip. Can't see you missed much.

  2. Looks like you did it up perfectly, a whirlwind tour, but you got er done. Olives belong in a Martini, preferably Gin not a Margarita.

  3. Wow! That sounds like a lot of planning went into that! You're going to need a vacation after your vacation. -Jenn

  4. Earl Grey and chips - now that's classy.

  5. Wow, after all that walking, it's surprising you have feet left!

  6. I have to get you to do my trip planning, very much enjoyed your trip report! I like cocktails too.

  7. Wow. You packed it in. I suspect I would need a week in bed to recover.

  8. Perfect way to see NYC. Well Done.

  9. Crikey .... that took Mum back. She loved your 4 days in New York. She had 5 days in New York way back in 1990. Except for the 911 memorial trip she did almost everything you did and she just loved looking at your photos. She loved her 5 days in New York. Sounds as if you enjoyed your 4 days too, aye??

  10. A business trip, huh? Whatever... you did it up right!

  11. What's to say..... just, phew. You'll pay for all that high livin' Missus.

  12. Great pics. Enjoyed following you in NYC, not in a stalky sort of following, I hasten to add, but on IG. You earned your cocktails!

  13. Wow! You did a ton in a few days and I loved reading this post. NYC is on my bucket list for sure. Wonderful pictures and fun little antidotes. I adore a good cosmopolitan, SATC style.


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