Mr Him Investigates Leeds and Pubs

Mr Him,  not content to sit back and let me have the limelight, decided he needed his adventure in a York.  No doubt in search of that taste sensation cheesecake and martini!   Anyway no sooner had I been home but 3 days when he grabbed a map. Thursday morning, before I awoke, he was out the door and pointing his car north.  North up the M23,  North around the M25,  North up other Ms. He didn't stop till he reached 'York'shire  (disclaimer - actually he did stop for an hours break on the way but that doesn't read so well). He then sent me a text to say he'd gone to do some research, or 'investigative journalism,'  for you.  'Oh good', I thought, ' I won't see him for a month.' 

For you he has investigated and reported the below.

As Anna has said, I had to go up to the "tropical climes" of West Yorkshire last week! I had to deliver a few items to the small town of Cleckheaton. I decided that I REALLY had to visit a proper Yorkshire pub whilst I was there. This was purely for the purpose of furthering the research for you all, her readers!  Here's the place that I was directed to, The Wickham Arms Hotel in Cleckheaton, made from local limestone. I didn't take any photos inside. 

After an exotic watermelon and orange fruit juice there,  I drove on to Leeds where I was going to be spending the night. Anna told me that I had to bring traditional Yorkshire food i.e. Wensleydale cheese and fruit cake (which are apparently eaten together). Aiming to please (particularly after the recent voucher debacle), I asked at my hotel reception for the best place to purchase said items. "You're best going to Leeds Market" was the immediate response. I received directions, and set off in that direction, taking photos of some interesting buildings (old and new) on the way.

Corn Exchange

John Lewis

Outside the market on the hunt for Wenseydale cheese

Once I got into the market, I was dumbfounded! I wasn't told that it was absolutely massive!! It turns out that it's the largest indoor market in Europe, with in excess of 230 stalls. Still, undeterred by the massive undertaking ahead of me, I travelled the aisles in search of comestibles.


Here be dragons!

 I was able to locate the cheese which was, I was assured, lovingly hand-crafted by local virgins (far be it from me to scoff in utter disbelief) but, despite hunting down 4 bakery stalls, the fruit cake remained an elusive quarry. I located an exit (eventually) and had to settle for a similar fruit cake from Marks & Spencers. Go figure! Having worked up a thirst, I decided that more"research" was in order.

I espied an alleyway between two large shop fronts. Thoughts of Diagon Alley crossed my mind. There was a sign for a pub pointing into it. Dare I risk it? Was I going to find myself assailed by enemies of Harry, Ron and Hermione?    Taking a chance, I entered the alley, ready to flee at the merest hint of danger. I was pleasantly surprised. Lights were strung up down the alley, and Whitelocks pub (established in 1715) beckoned to me from my left.

 I entered, and was overjoyed to discover a beautiful "proper" pub!

Attractive stained glasswork behind the bar

View down the bar and no, I wasn't drinking milk.  The very thought!

 Having slaked my thirst, and having slaked my curiosity about the establishment by speaking to the landlady, I ventured out  because I had arranged to meet a friend . It was time to catch up with each other, swap stories about our respective jobs, and imbibe some more beverages. Oh, the trials and tribulations of the stoic researcher!!! I found a pub just around the corner from that office, and waited for John to join me. The pub (The Editor's Draught) was unusual in that it had a sort of "steam punk" theme going on. 

Inside the Editor's  Draught (how fitting)

It was very pleasant, the food and drink were lovely, and the staff were wonderful. John and I had lots to catch up on once he arrived, so libations had to be slurped in order to lubricate our talking muscles! An entertaining evening was had.

The drive back the next day was awful. 250 or so miles, and most of it in driving rain. Still, on the plus side, I was feeling happy with myself, knowing that I had completed some invaluable research for you, dear reader...


  1. Great post, Mr Him! Have you ever thought about writing your own blog? I've never eaten cheese with fruitcake but that would be DELICIOUS! I'm going to try it next Christmas.

  2. Big thanks to the intrepid reporter.

  3. Now that sounds like and amazing research job, I think more should come soon.

  4. So impressed, Anna, you now have a staff! Great investigative journalism, Mr Him, hoping to see your slaking skills IRL in a few weeks!

  5. Tried Wensleyday once, didn't really appeal to me, and that in spite of the glowing endorsement from Wallace of "Wallace and Gromit" fame.
    Who knew?

  6. He should have his own blog, fabulous travel post, much enjoyed!

  7. Pah. I'm jealous. All I'd get out of Philosopher would be a diatribe on the dialectical metaphysics of Hegel or something. There used to be a Vivienne Westwood shop in Leeds....

  8. You two make a great team... both investigative and journalistic talents (are those words? abound! Love it!


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