My Tavern Quest on Dogs Continues in Westminster

Dear reader, I hear you.  I you  want me to drink more.  You I need me to visit more bars.  You are requesting that I go on a Tavern quest. Well, I have immediately got onto the case, being the epitome of efficiency, and  went straight to the source of the laws for my next stop.  I went to Westminster. 

I love Westminster underground station. It really is one of my favourites

I headed for what I believe is one of the close pubs to parliament. One apparently frequented by MPs.  Where better to assess the dog situation?
This is a cozy tavern with two small downstairs bars. St Stephens Tavern is opposite Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower  (houses the bell.)  It was rebuilt in 1873 and apparently frequented by Winston Churchill, amongst other notable Prime Ministers.

I was meeting a peer.  No,  not that sort.  By peer I mean that I know her from business and we get along well so we were having a girlie social.
Listening in to a few conversations in this cosy tavern  I gather the clientele to be associated with parliament. On the TV the live parliamentary channel was showing.

 I guess if you can have a drink in comfort,  hear the debate then go back to vote why stay seated in the Commons.  The blub online  tells me that it houses a Division bell which announces 8 minutes to a vote, summoning the MPs back to the chamber.

There is a lovely view of Big Ben tower through the ornate window.

We had a couple of wines and some nibbles and I finished off with a decaff coffee.  The milk came in this pretty  little bottle. 

There were no dogs. 

You can find more information about St Stephens Tavern here


  1. Well done on your continued quest! -Jenn

  2. Thank you for undertaking this quest on our behalf. And they say investigative journalism is dead . . . HA!

    Hey, I've been in Westminster tube station! I had no idea that it opened up onto Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It gave me quite a start when I exited the station. I wish I'd known about the pub -- I would have had a quick drink there too!

  3. The more pubs the better , just keep up this investigation.

  4. How convenient for the pollies. Shame about the dogs.

  5. Thanks for the tour and a glimpse of British life. no dogs today, lol.

  6. So thankful you are sacrificing your time for us. Surreal station. Gobsmacking pub. Amazing location. Cute milk bottle. Please continue.

  7. So sorry, you'll have to suffer more pub visits in your quest to find dog-friendly ones.

  8. So beautiful! And so much history.... of course the wines and nibbles make it even more enticing.

  9. What a great pub I am so sorry to hear that there were no dogs. It is a hard life in pursuit of this fact finding mission you have been set, but someone has to do it, enjoy the process.

  10. Yes, please take us on more pub tours!! These are fun!!

  11. I haven't tried this bar. I don't get into the city anywhere near as much as I would like. I would have to do a bit of earwigging in here! x


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