Clayton Mills and Views

Dear reader, I am taking you on another pictorial delight.  To do this I had to bundle 6 living entities into my car on Sunday, myself, Mr Him (necessary for the lostness), Miss 22, the Automotive Engineer and 2 dogs.

We went to walk a little of the South Downs Way.  I say a little, we only had an hour as it gets dark early now and we went after lunch.  The South Downs Way runs along the top of the South Downs from Winchester to Eastbourne.  You will recollect Miss 22 had an adventure in Winchester recently here. It is apparently the first capital of England.  

Last Sunday we started at the Clayton Mills.  About the mills here .  We parked near the working mill, Jill.  It is possible to tour this working mill and buy milled flour from here, complete with millstone grit.


Jack is looking sadly forsaken

Jack is not dapper anymore. Lost his sails and sweeps
View from Jack to the north.  
Joining the South Downs Way

 view to the South

There's always one!

The South Downs are chalky, think white cliffs of Dover and Beachy Head.  Beachy Head is at the Eastbourne end of the South Downs Way. 

The path is chalky.  

Mr Him and dogs checking they aren't in Lostness.  Luna is on a lead because of sheep here.

trees are stunted and misshapen as they are exposed on the top of the downs.

back to Jill

view from the carpark


  1. Oh, those wind-shaped trees! We see similar stunting and sculpting of small trees on our barren northern Canadian Shield.

  2. Thanks for the tour and wonderful pictures.

  3. Oooooh.
    And those trees suggest the winds are a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Lovely shots, Anna. Must do the downs one day. Hope you kept warm. And hope you made your appointment today, despite the train challenges.

  5. Thanks for the tour sounds like a fun outing!

  6. Great outing... would love to have tagged along.


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