The Slouch Potato

Dear reader,  how could I possibly top my lemsip head party vacation?  Is it possible?  Yes, and I managed it.  I hit the Vallium. This happened on boxing day, post eating all the wrong foods on Xmas day.  Still vallium is favourable to a paracetamol drip  (yes, that happened two December's ago when I was told I had Abdominal Migraine.) I am going to write on this on my boring blog. 

Here's some of what we ate over Christmas.

Mr Him honey roasted a ham 

Mulled wine

We had a goose this year

I awoke on boxing day with IBS cramps and spasms that would not give.   I needed an antispasmodic. Bring on the Diazapam.   That sorted me out.  By 1.30 I was ready for a light breakfast. 

However that aside, I hope you had a fabulous holiday and enjoyed the company of many that you love.  For my part I am in the middle of two weeks off work.  Day one consisted of waking up at 10 am.  The next day I awoke at 9.30.  Having awoke, had  breakfast, did some cleaning I slouched on the sofa watching Netflix, for almost a week. I have another week to go.  I have discovered Designated Survivor.  It is brilliant and I am binge watching. I have also binge watched sloppy romantic slushy Christmas movies like A Gift of Miracles, Once upon a Holiday, In my Dreams etc.  I have also discovered Glitch and The OA.  Both Mr Him and I binge watched those.

Miss 22 and the Automotive engineer bought me Lean in 15, both books.  Being a slouch coach potato, as my true nature has emerged, I motivated myself and went for a HIIT run.  I couldn't walk for the rest of the day.  My thighs demanded that I return to the sofa and the comfort of Netflix. 

Whilst my true nature has emerged so has Miss 22 and the Automotive Engineer's.  The video shows their need to play once more.  It's a good thing.  We all need to wind down (oh and perhaps there's another slouch potato in the video that you can spot.)  

 Flying Robot

 I also have to show you this light that the AE gave Miss 22.



  1. Sounds like a pretty relaxing time in from of the tube.
    We just hang around outside enjoying the sunshine and our e-readers.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you were in pain! A Christmas dinner is supposed to be enjoyable, not painful. Is Lean in 15 a weight loss programme? I am quite sure I could not go for a run right now unless I was being chased by something horrible. -Jenn

  3. Have had terrible viral plague all over Xmas. Also on couch watching Netflix.... I find champagne washes down the paracetemols nicely, and the bubbles clear the sinuses...

    1. Must try letting those bubbles loose on my sinuses. Good tip, Stephanie!

  4. So sorry you got sick. The food looks delicious now I want some honey roasted ham

  5. Slouch potatoes of the world unite.
    Without the pain. And I do hope yours has gone.

  6. I just can't keep up with you, Anna. Paracetamol and gin got me through Christmas but today I succumbed to my sinuses and have hit the antibiotics. And now you've raised the game again with your diazepam! But I hope it's done the trick and you're feeling better now, poor thing.

  7. Oh, I was sick too! Pfff, sounds like so many people were. I hope 2017starts off better!

  8. Sorry to hear you were sick, here's hoping for a good 2017.

  9. I had a Slouch Potato Day yesterday. Didn't even get out of my PJs or brush my hair. Watched 2 movies on TV and farted around on the internet. I wish I had more days like that!


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