Christmas Shopping at Ardingly

Dear reader, 

On Sunday Mr Him and I visited the Christmas shopping experience at Ardingly.  I didn't let Mr Him queue up for Santa's grotto however much he begged, you'll be pleased to know.  So was Santa.  The children would have been very confused.

I did let him get himself a bratwurst and cheesy chips.  I had just the bratwurst but made the mistake of pouring sticky curry ketchup on it. Curry sauce! What sacrilege . It shouldn't have even been on the table for the mistake to have been made!   The bratwurst got its own back on me by pouring the curry ketchup over me as I ate it. The payback was so complete I had to ask a man at the next table for tissues.  I even had to wash my coat when I got home.  Yes, luckily washable.

After all that fun I had a mulled wine and Mr Him had an instruction that he was driving.   I made sure the wine behaved.  None went down my front.

I sampled many a festive ware including a Christmas pudding  (here we go again but this one is traditional and fig free). This pudding was made by Harveys Brewers.  Look at the fruit  (no figs ) content!  (It didn't go down the front of me. )

I had to buy one.

I also bought myself a badger hair and wood nail brush. 

A few gifts were bought which I can't elaborate on as family read my blog.
After the festive fare we had a vegetable stirfry for supper.  One has to abdominally economise somewhere.  (It didn't go down the front of me )


  1. Well that sounds like a much more enjoyable (albeit messy) Christmas shopping excursion! An actual reindeer, no less! -Jenn

  2. Nothing says "festive" like wine in a styrofoam cup! The important thing is that it went on the inside, not the outside.

  3. sorry the sauce didn't work out, that happens to me a lot, trying different things. Sounds like a fun time anyway!

  4. Currywurst is definitely a thing in Germany, so not as unusual as you think!

  5. Glad to hear that you didn't waste the wine.
    On the curry sauce front? Better out than in.

  6. Ahhh... no photo of Mr Him on Santa's lap? How disappointing...

  7. The perils of eating at Christmas Fayres !!! ... you found some good presents though so not too much of a disaster ..... love the reindeers. XXXX

  8. Sounds like you had such a fun day! Is that a real reindeer? How fun!

  9. Sounds a lovely Christmas outing. I haven't been to one fair yet!


  10. I love reading about Christmas and its preparations all around the world. The badger hair brush looks beautifully made and that it would be lovely to use as well.

    SSG xxx


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