The Race

Today is a strike day.  I've chosen to go on a non existent southern train that is starting at my station. We know I like those empty strike day non existent trains.  My Nat Nav has decided to be independent and go the gentleman's cross country route.  At Gatwick our trains met alongside each other.

I texted her as her train left.  'The race is on'.

She sent me a smiley.  Oh so confident isn't she!

My train has zoomed off the starting block too. We're zipping through suburbia.  She's probably looking at barns and sheep.  Lovely. 

I've sent her a text to advise I've now left East Croydon.  She said she's puddling along the English Country side!  It's as I thought.  She's on an away day. 

She is approaching Dorking as I'm approaching Clapham.  Here there's all to play for.  If I can get into Clapham on time and around the one way system on the bridge I'll make my connection and win.  If not she'll win.

I'm on the platform one minute late.  Missed connection and now have 20 minute wait.  My Nat Nav is approaching Guildford.  She wants to know when my next train is.  What cheat is she cooking up?   I gave her the inside info.  Silly, gullible me.

Now I need to make sure I don't make last week's mistake.  Catch the wrong connection and end up on a train of Lostness.  That day I had external visitors to the office.  Thank goodness for work email on phones.  I emailed the visitors from the Train of Lostness and told them I'd be late and dishevelled.  I emailed a colleague to show them to the meeting room and get them settled whilst I found a Train of Rightness.

Today I haven't heard from Nat Nav since I disclosed that inside info. Ooops. 
Ah the board is now saying my connection is 5 mins late.  Is that what she's been up to? 
Now it's back to 'on time '. Ha, I caught her out. 

The train of Lostness is here.  I mustn't get on it. No, correction, its my train.  Run.  Get on.  Doors shut. 

It's that darn train of Lostness. Why oh why can't they get the boards right!  Or was it Nat Nav playing with them.


A quick text to Nat Nav.  

'I'm on a train to Lostness.  You win.'

Then I was back in the game.  She said she was stuck on the tracks. 'For a while I hope, ' I replied.  Then I wondered what she was doing on the tracks.  Making her way back from mucking up my board. Is there cheating going on here? !

She's asked if I'm taking a scenic route.  She must be full of glee that I'm going rural too.
Just whizzed through my normal station.  Next stop, Lostness. 

There's a lot of people at Lostness.  Has someone you know gone missing?  Are they here?

In Lostness they have pictures of other forms of transport.  Anything but trains it appears.  I'm not surprised given my sorry tale.

There's bangs here in Lostness.  Like guns.  Quite close.  I think its an army shooting range.  I'm getting out of here. That thought is reinforced by the sign on the waiting room wall.


  1. These strikes cause a lot of inconvenience

  2. Now that was an adventure... good luck in Lostness.

  3. Hope you manage to get out of Lostness.

  4. Sounds like you'd be better off on one of those little scooters like the bears in the picture. Gee, if residents have such difficulty, how do the tourists manage?

  5. I think I went to Lostness once.

  6. What a palaver. According to the DT, the workforce are feeling it. People are now missing interviews and some have entered The Commute of Frequent Lateness and are losing jobs. Forget the winter florals, best get furry and join the meerkats!

  7. What an adventure! When the system lets you down you sure know how to make it fun!


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