The Man

Dear reader,  I've worked at home for the last two days.  Nothing extraordinary about that given Southern trains and frequent strikes.  What was extraordinary was a 'brief' encounter and I had whilst on a Skype meeting call with the office. 

I looked up from my laptop and glanced out at my garden.  In it was a man!  I interrupted the call, shocking my colleagues by the arrival of the 'man.'

With a dash to the garden I found him lurking around my washing line.  Yes it had washing on it.  Yes it included undies.  Yes, my undies. 

'Hello', I said.
The man said, 'Can I ask you something personal '!!!!!

'Ummm,' I said glancing at my washing.

I remembered Mr Him's saucy experience with the ladies here... and wondered whether it was finally my turn. 

It turned out, though, aprons were not to be donned by the man and once I was brave enough to answer him,  I discovered that all he wanted was to know if I'd agreed to the water drains next door flowing through my garden, not into my garden.  I offered him an apron but he dashed away, quite quickly I might add, with nary a glance at the article. 


  1. It's all happening in Sussex, eh?! Must remember to pack a pinni.
    BTW, I have tech issues with IG and am not on Twitter. I admit I am not doing very well in this century!

  2. scary though and did you agree to the water drains running through?

    1. I did in principal but need some paperwork to be completed re liability etc.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What an unusual way to approach someone, unless of course you have your undies hanging out in the front garden! xx

  4. Betcha anything the next time you see him, he'll be wearing a pair of your panties on his head like a hat. That "drains" question was clearly a diversionary tactic.


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