Dining with Ladies

It's been unseasonally hot in southern England. Sweltering in over 30c does not make one want to indulge in a pumpkin spiced latte nor cosy in front of a fire.  Instead we're dining alfresco and supping chilled icebucket wine. 

On Tuesday  I was a lady who dines as I  went out to eat after work with 7 female colleagues.  We went to Cotes and were lucky enough to get a large table outside.  We were street eaters a la  Paris or Rome, with candle ambiance, enhanced by vino, bare arms and girlish chatter (which males are fanciable in the office.) From sunset through to when we left at 9.30 the temperature was pleasantly balmy. In fact I remained sleeveless right through to getting off my train at my home station at almost 11. 

I ate roasted cod and vegetables, a bit of bread and oh, the chocolate pot dessert.  I sooo recommend that if you go to Cotes (please do.)  My diet was cast aside, after the cod and vegetables. 

Chocolate Pot topped with creme fraich

On Thursday I went to London to have lunch at a function hosted by a magazine.  I was honoured as I was personally invited by the magazine and was on the proprietor's table.  It was a lunch  for women in my profession, not that many of us.  I had been lined up for an interview and decided to do it on arrival prior to getting spinach in my teeth.  Good call I think.  I daren't look at the website to see it though. 

Again it was a sweltering day and we first had drinks outside on the roof garden.  I had dithered over which jacket to wear with my black dress and in the end was sleeveless the whole day.  I wasn't alone.  Unusual to be bare armed at a daytime function but it was 90 odd F.  We ate cured mackeral, chicken breast and vegetables followed by little cakes and coffee.  Perfect. 

I took photos along the way, remembering my youth in the financial district.  I recollect this the Lloyds building being built,

and this when it was the Natwest Tower and was targeted in the 1980's.  This area became a hard hat site after the event and I had to don one when to attend a meeting in a building opposite. 

Here is Leadenhall Market where I used to wander around a lot.  It was used in  the first Harry Potter film, Diagon Alley. 

The Thames looked busy. 

Less of the reminiscing.  In other news, Miss 21 is about to start an 18 month qualification in radiography.  Is anyone else worried about the idea of her playing with radiation and x-rays!  

I'm going to pop a few outfit pics on my other blog site if I can find some decent ones of what I wore for these events. 


  1. That chocolate pudding looks and sounds delicious, I could just eat a sweet treat.

  2. Some busy times socializing and working in the city, glad you are enjoying it.

  3. You are having so much fun Anna, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Good luck to your daughter, it should be ok. You made me remember I saw this Bank of Nova Scotia tower being built from the basement up many years ago downtown Toronto, sheesh.

  4. There's nothing so delicious as fine dining!

  5. An interesting post, Anna. And interesting to hear that since I've retired, conversation hasn't changed when ladies get together. Plus ca change. I could fit right back in there, like riding a bike! BTW, was there an outright winner?

  6. Definitely a good call on doing the interview before getting spinach in the teeth, or in my case, dribbling food on my chest.

  7. Oh, I just to go to the lovely Leadenhall in my lunch hour too! You must have worked at Bishopsgate.

    I get a bit paranoid dining outside. Not only am I terrified of swooping birds, but I get panicky the waiter will forget about you! Super post.

  8. What a fun night out. Wise move re the timing of your interview.

    Best of luck and congrats to your daughter on the radiography course. It's very safe these days. Everyone wears counters to make sure they stay in the safe zone of exposure which. Also, staff stay out of rooms while patients get films and scans done. If you are needed in theatre for example, there are lead screens to stand behind plus lead aprons and collars.

    SSG xxx

  9. PS type comment...

    I also love taking photos of the places of my youth in the city. Brings back the memories. X


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