Marlow Day 2

Dear reader,  on to day two of our weekend sojourn with friends. 

We had a full and sumptuous English breakfast at the hotel  (Crowne Plaza,  Marlow ) and our friends joined us.  Mr Him and I had a large, modern and well equipped room on the ground floor far from the madding crowd. Our friends weren't so lucky for they had the madding crowd running up and down the corridor screaming and laughing and knocking on doors. Yes,  a wedding party.  We bemoaned why do hotels put people in rooms near wedding venues then moved on to eating out bacon and scrambled eggs.

We decided to wander around Marlow and the Thames. We watched a lock in action raising a few boats up a level on the river.   We visually grazed shop windows. 

We went into a cafe and had Nutella milkshakes.  Oh, the best! 

Love the extra milk bottle that came with the drinks, and the contents.

Mr Him had a vegetable with beetroot smoothie.

At 2 pm we went our separate ways to our respective home towns. 


  1. A beetroot veggie smoothie versus a Nutella milkshake? I know which one I would pick and let's just say it would NOT be purple!

  2. I would have gone the purple path in a heart beat.
    This looks like a truly beautiful place. Thank you.

  3. You had me at 'full English breakfast'! Beautiful photos of the area!

  4. I'll join your Nutella shake gang, please. Beetroot and shake I leave happily to Mr Him.

  5. I too would be with Nutella. Looks like a great place to visit, always nice to catch up with friends.

  6. I like beetroot but I like chocolate even more so it would have to be Nutella.

  7. I see Nutella on the grocery shelves more often now in the USA, but a few years ago I'd never heard of it until we were traveling in Europe. Personally, I'd go for the beet smoothie ;-)

  8. My daughter is an ardent Nutella fan, sounds a lovely time xx

  9. Marlow really is lovely, isn't it.

    Not sure I could stomach the beetroot smoothie

    Great post



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