There's a Hole in the Garden, Dear Anna

Mr Him was let loose at the weekend.  I decided I'd risk him doing some handyman things.  I mean it had to be easier then slicing beans!

I watched from a safe distance as he dug up some plants  that had failed to flower  (yes he did plant them in the first place but it's not his fault.  The soil is poor. ) 

The montebretia won't flower,  dear Anna,' he had said.

'Well dig it up, dear Him'.

'There's a hole in my garden now, dear Anna, '

'Fill it dear Him,'

'With what shall I fill it dear Anna.'

'With a pot dear Him, with a pot. '

'What goes in the pot dear Anna?'

'A Palm goes in the pot dear Him'.

'There's still a hole in the garden, dear Anna, dear Anna.'

'Fill it dear Him, fill it.'

'With what shall I fill it dear Anna dear Anna?'

'Some slate, dear Him, with some slate.'

'Jobs done dear Anna.'

'Thank goodness dear Him. Dear Him, the paints come off the porch, dear Him'.....


  1. Harry Belafonte brought successfully into the 21st century ... you and Mr Him must have such fun together!

  2. The palm looks lovely, all done up!

  3. Your lyrics are a vast improvement on that old folk song, I must say!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hahahahaha! Too funny. The pot looks great, dear Anna!

  6. You sure are keeping Mr Him busy with the "honey dew" list, looks like he is doing a good gob.
    OBTW I have started reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson it has me hooked thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Well done. Excellent job. Keeping Himself in line is so important.

  8. Mr. Henry... um... I mean Mr. Him did a great job, Liza.... I mean Anna. Very pretty indeed.


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