Another Pictorial Ramble

Dear reader, firstly, thank you so much for your comments on my i360 blog.  I really love reading what you have to say and knowing my writings and pictures are not going into the nether ether.  I have posted one comment in reply to all. I hope that is OK for once.  

Yesterday we went for a walk under the viaduct on masse.  You may recollect that we did a similar walk last year, here.

Although we have only walked here twice now, each time we seem to have interesting interactions with people.  This time we met a young man walking a herd, flock, four chihuahuas.  As we had one with chihuahua with us it was a meeting of  little minds and almost other parts, except ours wasn't on heat.  I learnt that our mini dog is a deerhead chihuahua as opposed to an applehead (bulgy eyes.)

Our Mia is the one with the red lead

This impostor made himself at home on Miss 21

Miss 21 tried the viaduct for size as a mattress

Horses have the blinds over their eyes.  Flies were dreadful

Yes, we walked through this field of bullocks

Miss 21 is taking pics of the grass ready for harvesting

back to the car

I liked this barn
This picture is busy.  Me  in the foreground, Mr Him  nestled in the arches and the autommotive engineer boyfriend in the distance. 


  1. That looks like a beautiful place for a walk! Your pictures are lovely.

  2. Another wonderful walkabout in the countryside. Excellent photos.

  3. Deerhead versus Applehead chihuahuas -- I have learned something new today, thanks!

  4. I like the viaduct photo with Miss 21.

  5. It's lovely how you do family walks, cute dog you have! thanks for sharing the lovely photos Anna.

  6. Seems likely that my first message has disappeared so, summarising what the ether just swallowed up - great arty shots, cute dogs, lovely pics of you and miss 21 and my first up-close of a viaduct has left me wow-ed.

  7. Love that viaduct - where is it?

  8. Love that viaduct photo with Miss 21 and the never-ending arches.

  9. What a lovely place to walk.... when was that viaduct built?

  10. Thank you for taking us on this lovely walk. Thoroughly enjoyed your photos. Loved the pups and the shots of the viaduct particularly but all took my interest. Excellent and thank you so much for visiting me. I have enjoyed my visit here.

  11. Which viaduct is it? Is it the one on the way to Brighton?


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