Going on Holiday Tomorrow

Yesterday we went to Siam Park. Today Mr Him is wrecking the apartment.

Siam Park is a water park with a best in the world award.  We spent a good few hours sashaying down water roller coasters on rubber dinghies. No pictures.

As we had to pass through Los Cristianos on our way back we visited the previously discovered gin bar.  This time they poured me a quadruple. That and a beer for Mr Him was under  €5.

Our real intention for the visit was lunch, but with a side order of gin, forget salad.  A freshly made on the spot pizza was  just €3.50.  We had noted the pizzas the day before and promised ourselves a return visit, despite the gins.

Today, Mr Him has broken crockery in the apartment.  I've told him they don't throw the dishes here but wash them instead but he thought it worth a try.  It wasn't.  He's confessed to reception.

I've also visited a little boutique.  I found this place last year and the owner was selling everything for  €10 each as she was going on holiday the next day.  I bought a Sandwich dress then.

Today she's selling everything for  €15 as she's off on holiday again tomorrow.  What a surprise! I siddled up to another customer and told her that she was off on holiday when I was in a year ago.  The customer told me that she was 2 years ago too when she was in there last.

Still the stock is good brand end of lines, probably her own holiday clothes given how many vacations she takes! I bought a dress for  €15. I'll be prepared for  €20 next year calculating her rate of inflation.


  1. The gin and beer sound perfect for the pizza. I thought maybe the sandwich dress was edible? What do I know?
    We have seen store with going out of business sales that go for a few years, people like sales of anykind.

  2. I love a good deal! Your post title confused me, as I knew you are already on vacation

  3. You have really lucked out with the timing of your holidays to be so perfectly in sync with the shop lady's. What were the chances?! And what exactly is a Sandwich dress?

  4. I had to Google Sandwich Dress... very chic line of clothing indeed! Unfortunately, I don't think I could even get my big toe into those skinny jeans ;-) Sure sounds like a great vacation you two are enjoying!

  5. haha, you came in at the right time! That pizza looks delicious!


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