A long walk to mighty Loft

Dear reader, I had a grand idea today.  I saw a leaflet for shopping and along with Guess and Tommy Hillfiger was a mention of Loft.  Now I see a lot of American bloggers mentioning Loft so hatched a plan for Mr Him to journey with me to Playas de Las Americas where he could also get a T shirt from Hard Rock and I could find mighty Loft.

Mr Him made plans. He got us on a bus, he got us off a bus, he got us on a connecting bus and he got us lost.  The clue to the depths of our lostness hit us when the bus driver said 'finished, finished.' He turned off the engine and shooed us off.

We walked down to the sea and headed left.  It could only be a 10 minute walk.  How wrong we were.  6 hours later and hot we arrived at Hard Rock.

Blue sea 

Seaside plantery

We stopped for Seaside drinkery. Mine is a fresh papaya juice.  Unsweetened.  So refreshing 

Sea pattern in the sand.

we must be at our destination now!  No.

We entered a town and Mr Him got distracted for an hour as he thought he'd won a prize from a timeshare salesman.  Again how wrong he was! 

We needed lunch after I had stood up and walked out of sales pitch without prize. 

And I needed alcohol. Aperol would do nicely. 

On we went and found a tourist kiosk to ask the whereabouts of Hard Rock.  The guide gave us a map and his parting words were good luck as he sent us walking further along the coast.  

Mr Him strides out 

We admired the smooth dark volcanic sand as we travelled. 

On we went. 

Eventually we found Hard Rock and I had a long cold Mojito. 

Mr Him bought his T shirt, I askedfor directions to mighty Loft,  which was on a map near Tenerife Pearl.  I was advised to get a taxi.  We did. 

We arrived at mighty Loft. 
It was a coffee shop! 


  1. Brilliant!!! This is just the kind of thing I'd do. Only I'd be less creative in the drinks department and just have a glass of sparkling each time.

    SSG xxx

  2. O dear, best to save shopping for when you are home and not during holidays!

  3. Sounds like a nice day exploring and getting some exercise along with refreshing libation.

  4. OMG, well, at least you got a lot of exercise!

  5. The joys of vacation! It looks lovely there

  6. Lol! Oh what a dissapointment! But you had your Aperoland and a Moijto! Haha,great story.

  7. Sounds just lilke our holidays - we always end up walking miles along some hot dusty road becasue we have misread the map/got off the bus too early.. at least you found where you wanted to go..

  8. What an adventure! Actually sounds like fun... especially liked your choice of drinks.


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