The Rise of the Building

I've mentioned the rumoured  phenomenon of 'happy air ' around Waitrose on my other blog.  Our soon to be Waitrose is rising at a pace. Anticipation air circles above the site currently.  One sniffs it the closer one  gets to the scaffolding.

Yesterday, as I walked to the station, I passed a  TV news crew filming a reporter for ITV outside Sainsbury's.  I imagine the storyline is the competition of the happy air soon to come to town. 

Watch this space for further news.  I might add a moving ticker to the bottom of my blog updating you on the ascension of Waitrose.

The ascension of Waitrose this week

Whilst on the subject of the Rise of the Building and its brother the Crane, I took some pictures of the city of London financial district skyline today.

As I walked across London Bridge.

Cranes and Contrails loom over Lombard Street junction

Then there's this building that many think shouldn't have ascended.  This is known as the Walkie Talkie building. The curvature captured the sun and was known to fry eggs on cars bonnets below. It obviously had to be altered to avoid the burning of passers by. Mr Him was a victim of that burn.  He would be, wouldn't he. 


  1. interesting about the effect of the architecture, a lesson to be learned

  2. Oh yes, I've heard of the problems with the Walkie-Talkie building! Poor Mr Him! Did he consider suing?

    1. No but I considered applying Deep Heat 😊

  3. Ah, so that's what that building is called. I thought it was the Cheese Grater or something

  4. What interesting architecture! I love it that buildings get nicknames... and appropriate ones at that!

  5. I love most modern architecture but that walkie talkie is ugly. It ruins the London skyline.

  6. yikes. My husband is in love with the gherkin.


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