The Pain I caused Mr Him

Oh the pain I caused Mr Him.  Smarting,  burning,  blistering.

He caught the sun on Saturday.  Around his neck, across his forehead, down his nose.  Innocently he asked me 'do we have anything to soothe this?'  More innocently I responded 'yes, there's a packet of Aloe in the fridge.'  I'd been saving it for such an occasion. 

I got the packet for him. It was a sample size.  Ideal for this one use.  Aloe Heat would soothe his ruddy brow.  He tore the pack and  applied the lotion. It was not 2 seconds before he was saying with,-watery eyes, 'ooh, that hurts.' Well, not ooh!

Those same  watery eyes glared at me.  A glare full of meaning.  That meaning was  'what have you done to me now darn woman. ' Well not darn!

'It smells like Deep Heat, ' he spluttered.

By this time the poignant  smell of warmth inducing muscle relaxant reached me coming from the direction of a frantic Mr Him, and his forehead.

Aloe Heat, I realised there and then.  Not to treat heat but apply deep heat! 

Mr Him is still smarting, although 3 days later he has started to talk to me again and addressing me as something other than 'darn woman.'


  1. oh dear oh dear, glad he is feeling a bit better

  2. I bet you'll never hear the end of that! He could do a lot worse than Deep Heat!
    My husband hates that too!

  3. Oh, dear! Isn't that grounds for divorce? Don't answer the door to any process servers for the next little while.

  4. Yes, dear all, ouch. We are friends again and he thanks you for your concern and sympathy.


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