Ardingly Spring Show

Do you recollect my visits to the country fairs in Ardingly.  The season has started up again and yesterday saw a family excursion to browse country goodies and livestock.  It makes Mr Him feel at home.

I was amused by the line up of pooch groomers prior to showing their dogs in the ring.

We didn't show Mia but Mr Him was encouraged to enter Best in Breed - the Bassett Hound look

We moved on to watch a sheep shearing show.  This guy had quite a few one liners that kept us staying for more.

'look, I don't want these pictures turning up in the Daily Mail tomorrow,' as he positioned himself to shear.

'if you ladies think I have done a good job on Dolly's bikini line then I can do yours for 50p. If you don't have 50p I'll lend it to you.'

Lunch was hot-dogs sitting on the grass in the sun.

We shopped for cheese

Miss 21 found a new interest in bull keeping. Maybe looking for tips on how to look after the automotive engineer.

At home we unpacked our goodies, Heurcheras for the garden, a Spanish sherry described as liquid fruit cake, cheeses and chutney, and a new foutala.  You know how much I like my foutalas here!

Cider, its derigour,

and Miss 21 unpacked hers.  A fluffball keyring, American candy and jelly snake thingy.


  1. Looks like a fun outting and wonderful purchases.

  2. Did you get your bikini line done? 'Fess up!

    1. 50p was too dear. I'd want him to pay me.

  3. I love wondering the produce stalls at fairs and markets. Thank you for sharing your finds.

    SSG xxx

    1. I guess country shows are the same the world over.

  4. A wide comb shearer? He certainly sounds like a bit of a wide boy.

  5. Super post. I'm glad someone had a nice Bank Holiday weekend.
    Everyone round our way was just miserable!

    I wish I'd gone

    1. We had very good weather on Sunday. Monday it poured.

  6. Yes Christine and George, it was fun. Next one is June.


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