My National Wine Drinking Day

Yesterday was National Wine Drinking Day.  Do my colleagues realise?  Er, no. However much I  suggested it by saying beverage and South Africa in one sentence the hint was not taken .

Instead I was offered a teabag from Zimbabwe

 (flavoursome but not as fulfilling as wine). 

"No!  A South African beverage," I said emphatically.

"Tea from Rwanda?"

  'No! ' I said, ' South  Africa!'

"Chocolate from Thorntons?"

"Well, OK then, as long as its  white."  No pic, I ate it too fast. 

Meanwhile, on my other channel I had an episode with boots. here 


  1. Well hope you did have some wine yesterday anyway!

  2. Sigh on the boot front.
    Wine o'clock has saved me more often than I am prepared to admit.

  3. I'm still dry, but hubby had a glass

  4. Maybe after you limped home you had your wine? I sure hope so!


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