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Dear reader

Whilst Mr Him picks up the courage to resume his nonsense behaviours and defy my instruction to be sensible, you may like to grab a coffee, beer, wine or cocktail and join us on some endeavours.

Here is a playlist of our vacation in Tenerife staring Mr Him, Miss 23 and the Automotive Engineer.

Meanwhile I have seen that Christine asked me if i've thought of doing instagram stories.  I smiled I tell you. I have been on instagram for a few years and yes I do stories most days.  You will find me on instagram at mutton_style. if you catch it today you will see me having at home dental treatment from Miss 23, haha.  Mr Him is on instagram in the guise of a ginger cat,  Redrelaxercat.

Travel playlist

Here is a playlist of, well, just English life

and here is a playlist of shopping

and here is a playlist of outfits.

In theory each video will lead you to the next in the playlist you have selected. Yes, I have been busy.


  1. nice videos, I found you on instagram. I am there as ms_facile.

  2. Love all these videos,AM, these started my day off a treat. Hugs twin, x


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