Mr Him Foibles the Making of Sloe GIn

Dear Reader, Mr Him is a fallen man once again.  A bit of ridiculousness has returned.  A little bit of ridiculousness mind you.  And this time I filmed it.  Yes, I caught it on camera.

It goes like this. Mr Him was proud.  He had foraged in the woods at great endurance and discomfort to himself.  His bruised and battered person from thorns and berry juice returned home with sloes to make his sloe gin.  He gathered his instruments and set to work.  A demijohn, some gin, sloe berries, sugar and maple syrup.

He poured in the berries, he poured in the sugar (except he didn't), he got a funnel to ease in the pouring of sugar (except it didn't)....anyway I have told you enough.

Here is the video and beforehand you will see him taking me to a carwash to give me a date day, yes he's full of romantic ideas, getting me a coffee decorated with 'a splodge', followed by entertaining me with the making of sloe gin.


  1. Great compilation, AM, and I absolutely love you in the dress!
    Hugs, x.

  2. Fun video, looks like his back is better!

    1. Actually it isn't. This was filmed 2 weeks ago. He's still suffering. He keeps retwanging it as he tries to do too much.

  3. I have never tried drinking gin let alone making it! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


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