Tuesday of Tethering

...and the 'suitcase files '.
What has Mr Him done now?  Well he may have broken the Internet.  I don't know how he did it. He doesn't know how he did it. But he's bound (we'll come on to tethering later) to have done it.  He's just bound  (later I said ) to.

Tuesday started shiny and bright and new.  The Internet was not it's zippy self though.  I did a speed test.  Less than 1 mb. 

What is a blogger to do, after blaming Mr Him of course?  Notify our provider.  Warn  you. Arrange contingency for you.  Get a stand in blogger.  A van arrived.

The Internet went off.  I was at a loss what to do. No blogging.  No Netflix.  No instagram.  No tweeting. 

Internet repairers conferred  with other Internet  repairers. 

 They gathered and conferenced on my problem.  They debated on whether to get me online. 

Meanwhile the postman delivered some wheels.  He tried to help, bless him. Has no one told the posties that hamsters aren't used any more.

However, these were not ordinary wheels.  These were mighty Samsonite wheels!  

Why wheels you ask.  Last holiday here we lost a wheel on our suitcase during luggage handling behind airport scenes. Here I mentioned it short-haul-on-ba  Samsonite kindly sent me a replacement.  In fact 4 as they didn't have the original colour and wanted us to have a matching set, (ah, bless.)

With not much else to do I set to the task of suitcase repair.  I filmed my attempt, and Mr Him's rescue.  Before you look at the clip  I'll talk of Tethering part one. I had taken mini clips of film for instagram mystory,  which I'm sure you follow (mutton_style then click on my profile circle and you get my story waffle  ). Instead of loading up 16 hundred thousand mini films to YouTube I decided to try joining them.  I used an app called AndroVid.  It was my first attempty but the app was quick.  I did join different formats unfortunately.  I'll do better next time. 

Anyway here is the mergered tethered suitcase files.

and how he did it.

That evening saw us still without broadband.  Mr Him offered to be tethered Part 2).  Warily,  very warily,  I accepted.  He had discovered that we could turn our phones into WiFi hotspots.  As he has a vast amount of mobile  data that he doesn't use on 4G etc he offered to turn  into a hotspot (an offer he doesn't often make I might add).  He gave me a code that his phone generated.  I turned on WiFi on my Ipad and tapped in the code.  I was online using his data.  The streaming was perfect.  It was as good as broadband.
So there you have two tethering tips for the price of one. And I'm back on line.


  1. Ooooo, the eroticism of your final paragraph has given me the vapours! *fanning self*

  2. looks like you have things working again and all will be well.

  3. Internet troubles are the worst glad you have a solution for now! Nice fix to the suitcase too.

  4. It has become a virtually indespensible part of our lives soooo quickly.

  5. Tether 2 is pure Barbarella, who would have believed that it would become reality in our lifetime!

  6. Hey, that's really good of Samsonite. I wonder whether Primark would offer the same service for my suitcase? ;)

  7. My man turned into a hot spot once. It was the sight of me in my new Aldi pyjama bottoms that did it. I had to cram him into the nearest Samsonite wheelie case and lock him in the understairs cupboard....


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