Facebook Page, New, Limited Offer

The struggle is real!  I have promised Instagram followers that I would use that swipe up function on Mystory to link to a jewellery providor.  I shouldn't have promised. Who would have thought it would be so darn hard!  I discovered that to be able to swipe you need to be a verified user.   You cannot ask to be verified.  Instagram does it when it decides you are worthy.  In order to be worthy I decided I need to be, well, worthy.  I decided to define worthy as 'have a Facebook page with 16K followers.'  I didn't  have a Facebook page for my blogs.  I set one up yesterday to get 16k followers.  I tweeted. I Instgrammed, I mystory-ed.  I got a mighty 9, yes 9 followers. And one of those is my brother!

So you see the struggle is very real. 

Here is the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/muttonstyle/.  Join the cause if you feel like becoming one of such an elite number, the few in the know, the few that follow @muttonstyle on Facebook.  I  may end up restricting numbers so get in early.  Yeah, right!  

What's in it for you?  I intend to focus on my 'other' blog over there with the odd celebrity visit of my Anna blog posts. If you are interested in all things 'the ordinary middle aged woman' its for you. well, let's limit 'all' things to clothes, shampoo, make up, life, mid-life, packing, yes packing, lots of packing, shopping, food, diet.   


  1. I don't play FB (or instagram) - but wish you luck.

  2. Sadly, I am not on facebook, but I do wish you well in your quest.


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