The Fumigation of Me

Dear reader,  why should Mr Him with his guest electrocution,  Miss 22 with her visit to a racing car circuit have all the fun!

Throw in me being poisoned on a train and perhaps I will have caught up. Yes, I was close to being poisoned  by fumigation, and Mr Him was nowhere near.

Here's how the story goes, in pictures. 

Then I changed train for the cross country gentleman's train.


Thank goodness for paperwork!

Still, the train wasn't so wobbly. 


  1. Sigh. So unfair. Though if you had enough of the carbon monoxide the back pain would no longer be an issue.

  2. glad you survived to tell the tale!

  3. "Start with back pain
    End with back pain
    and carbon monoxide poisoning too!"

    Oh dear!!!

    May you have better fortune as the week progresses!

    All the best Jan

  4. Being a high-flying commuter is certainly a risky business. They need to warn Volenti Non Fit Injuria as you enter as well as Mind The Gap as you leave. Roll on retirement.

  5. Travelling by train can be so stressful

  6. I am so glad my working days are over, although in fairness I never had a train commute.

  7. We don't have trains here. I get to put my life at risk by sharing the road with texting teenagers, as I live between 2 high schools.

  8. Yikes, sounds like quite the adventure!!

    The burgers use beets to give it the red hue (and I hate beets!) but I couldn't taste them!


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