Flaming Grill and Other Tortures

Dear reader,  my garden welcomed tall and plentiful things on Saturday.  Firstly 10 relatives and secondly 10 foot tall bamboo.  The bamboo arrived first.  As for the relatives we were the 5 of us plus my mum, brother,  brother's wife, brothers wife's sister and her children.  Phew.  We were planning a bbq and luckily the weather was just about warm enough.

Mr Him made masses of potato salad and coleslaw.  

I made an Eton Mess for dessert.

 Others brought salads and puddings.  Sausages and ostrich steaks were bbq'd.

Guests were electrocuted,   burgers were set light to. All standard bbq fun when Mr Him is around. 

Electrocuted you ask.  Yes, apparently Mr Him thought they'd like it. Go figure!  It was a game called Shocking Roulette.  

The last one alive eats the bbq food, and puts out the flames, I hope. 

Anyway fun was had by all, mainly because there weren't many takers for the game.

The next day I provided Mr Him with a game.  It was called 'take on the bamboo and win'.  I sat and watched. 

Didn't he do well! He won.  Doesn't it look fabulous.  I'm so pleased with Him.


  1. Sounds like a great BBQ and the bamboo looks fantastic!

  2. Nice flaming BBQ! Mr Him barbecues like My Rare One does sometimes. She almost lost her eyebrows once.

  3. Glad to see the bamboo is enclosed. It is a plant with definite Triffid tendencies. Ostrich meat? Much posher than our barbecues.

  4. It does sound a great BBQ.
    Love the bamboo!

    All the best Jan

  5. BBQ;s are too much fun sounds like a feast. Love the Bamboo.

  6. The bamboo looks impressive, I love the idea of lighting up at night. Fantastic bbq.

  7. Were you trying to put off all future guests by electrocuting them?


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