Rhinos and Flowers

Dear reader,  hard autumn has arrived.  It was on  Wednesday.  Sadly our late blooming flowers will be tinged brown with a frosty burn soon.  Luckily Mr Him took these pictures on Saturday prior to the frost's descent on our garden. He was remarking on the late display as he captured their pink and orange radiance.

Talking of Mr Him. ..well let's first look at this baby rhino.  It's just been born and is taking its first bath.   Look at mum and baby rolling on the floor.

That leads me nicely into telling you that Mr Him has taken up pilates.  I can't say it's the most elegant I've seen him as he does his floor exercises.

Elegance reminds me  to tell you Mr Him has  bought himself a new  jacket, sorry, blazer he tells me, from TK Maxx.  He was given  £30 Love to Shop voucher as a reward at work and I think it was inspired to spend the voucher in TK Maxx where he could leverage on their discounted clothing. 


  1. Good bye flowers, sweet video!

  2. Beautiful show of flowers, shame about the frost. The video made me smile.

  3. I'm amazed at the late colours you've had - great gardening, Anna. And how sweet is that video.

  4. Beautiful flowers... my favorite is the orange rose. Ummm.... maybe a photo of the jac... blazer?

  5. Beautiful flowers, still lots of colour. Loving the video xx

  6. LOVE T K Maxx. I used to have a blazer.
    Keep telling john to take up Pilates.

    stunning garden pictures H


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