Freezing of the Nat Nav

No sooner had I designated  Needlework Natalie as Nat Nav then she it she starts to fail.  It she it she has started to freeze mid function as the weather has turned colder. 

On Wednesday my Nat Nav went to catch the gentleman's country train, without me!  I was in one of those office impromptu conversations at a desk.  You know the sort, the ones unarranged but most useful. Anyway, I ran and caught up with my oh so independent Nat Nav at the station.  Here I noticed a train in the platform and shouted to my Nat Nav that we needed to run over the bridge.  I did.  She it she did. The doors beeped.  I ran and jumped on the train.  She didn't.  The doors closed.  My train departed leaving my Nat Nav on the platform.

The next morning I found Nat Nav on the platform  (not the same platform.  She did appear to have gone home to sleep overnight. ) I commented that a train had just gone through that she could have got on. She told me that she saw it and was so busy carrying out her morning Google searches and start processes that it didn't click that it was her train to work.  Yes, dear reader, she'd frozen mid function again. 

There's a few bugs going around.  I might have to run an anti-virus. 

In other news Friday was a Southern strike day again.  Our country gentleman's train decided not to run from Gatwick.  I actually, yes really, bated breath, caught a non running empty Southern Train to London!

This is how empty the train was.


  1. Glad you found a train to

  2. Your posts are getting quite surreal. Have you ever written fiction?


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