Pie and Trains, lack there of..

Dear reader,  I'm in the back of a car as I write. It's lovely being a passenger but the reason is we once again have train strikes.  Yesterday I worked at home and it happened to be the first day in over three weeks that I hadn't left the house.  Restful. 

Today a colleague is driving Needlework Natalie, (I wrote about her last year)  and I across Sussex and Surrey in a determined effort to get us into the office. 

In other news Mr Him and I  went out to lunch with my mother on Saturday.   She recommended a fabulous burger and pie bar, ironically called Oxney Pie and Burger Bar.  

 Here is my pie, served with an individual gravy boat.  It was a very chunky steak and ale pie. 

Pie & Liquor has its roots in the 1800's

The mats were maps of the local area as it would have been a few hundred years ago before the marshes were marshes and the sea level fell.  Towns such as Rye, where I grew up, were islands and ripe for smuggler pickings. 

Mr Him was in his element, his element being beer.


  1. I'd choose a pie over a burger, the place looks so nice. Sorry to hear about the train strikes. We have a lot of strikes in Canada too.

  2. That pie looks fabulous and yes, pie over burger every time!

    SSG xxx

  3. That pie certainly looks good, always a nice touch to have your own gravy boat. The train strike is causing problems for a lot of people.

  4. What a filled and juicy pie - what are we like with our food pics, eh?!! I'm relieved The View didn't experience The Beer of Lostness.
    So sorry the trains are messing things up, staying at home and having a chauffeur ain't 'alf bad though. Fortunately, a rellie drove me to LGW on Tuesday.
    I'm fascinated by that map, Anna, and seeing beautiful Rye as an island - must try to get a copy.

  5. You grew up in Rye???? Oh my, that is were we twice a year are having our holiday! That's were I want to live! Do you know Glencoe farm?

    1. No, but I could look it up. I guess its a Bed and Breakfast place.

  6. I've been planning to visit a friend in Brighton, but with the frequent train strikes, we have been putting it off.

  7. I dream of having an individual gravy boat. Gravy makes everything better.

  8. Looks delicious! Sorry about the train strike... sounds like it could wreak havoc with traffic everywhere!


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