Anne of Cleves, Mr Him and the Mystery Tourists

Dear reader, great excitement.  I met one of you on Sunday.  Ah,  who was it?  Do you remember meeting me?  Was it you?  Don't worry,  I'll get to you eventually, suffice it to say you would know if you had met Mr Him.  So who was the mystery blogger that I met?

It was The  (emphasis on The) Pout  (capital P, as in the Hoff).  Yes The Pouting Pensioner or The Pout.  This is a lovely lady who knows how to work the media, for she travels with her personal paparazzi. I will call them the Double Ps.  Pouting Pensioner and her Personal Paparazzi. 

The Double Ps and I,  with Mr Him visited  Lewes, Sussex. 

The Pout and I

We first visited the Anne of Cleves tudor cottage.  This cottage was given to Anne by Henry V111 as part of her divorce settlement.  She was the lucky one,  kept her head and given a cottage.  I have to say when you've seen one Tudor cottage you've seen them all.  I know, many of you wonder how I can be so blase, but what I mean is that basically they are the same structure of timber and  wattle and daub.  Very much template built.  For instance this cottage is so similar to Anne Hathaways cottage in Stratford I felt I was in the same building.  Some fabulous work of preservation goes on to keep these  places of history standing.   We are very lucky to have these buildings in the UK.  

After visiting the cottage Mr Him took us on one of his famous 'Walks of Lostness'.  He didn't warn us before hand but luckily The Pout and I were not wearing heels.  On this occasion the walk was to find the castle,  which the rest of us could  swear was right before us looming over the town, but did Mr Him take us to the entance?   No!  Instead he took us on a merry Tudor dance around the hillock on which it stood.  Around and around we went until he'd worked up a thirst in The Pout, with a capital P.

Once her thirst was sufficient he suggested a stop at a drinking establishment, to which we all said 'yes.'  The Pout needed water for her thirst and wine, large,  for the shock of being thrust first hand into one of Mr Him's Walks of Lostness.  I had a Pimms.  I'm used to mixing my alcohol and thirst quencher in one long drink. I have ice so as I can occasionally throw it at Mr Him, when needed. 

We had lunch.  To be honest the food was not great.  Lewes has better places to eat but the view was fantastic and the company of The Pout and her Personal Paparazzi (accompanying personal photographer) husband  most enjoyable. 

After sustenance Mr Him remembered how to get into the castle (funny that.)

 It's really a ruin but a site worth visiting for the views Mr Him told us, and he proceeded to prove his point. 

'I'll show you how to be a view', says Mr Him

'More like a ruin',  I mumbled.

Enough of that, back to The view!

The men then found a hostelry for beer

Harvey's Brewery...they did not go here

and The Pout and I had a coffee in Bills... 

...and did some people watching as we chatted. 

...and that, Mary, is how I turn Mr Him into the villain of the piece! 

For The Pouting Pensioner's version of our day pop over to here


  1. So hilarious! A well-carved mystery complete with arch villain. And superb pole dancing from Mr Him ! Well, that has just got to be the best bonus feature I've seen on a blog!!!
    Let's do it again soon.
    The Pout (as in The Hoff) and her Personal Paparazzi.

  2. Sounds like a great day, apart from all that walking! Mr Him is a bit of a public menace, isn't he?

  3. How neat meeting a blog friend! Sounds a fun day, thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Methinks that Mr Him receive unwarranted bad press.... :-(

  5. BTW, that's me above, El Him (Mr Him)... ;-)

  6. Love the walks of Lostness. My Mr Him is good at them too. Though he denies it. And hooray for blogger meetups.

  7. What a fun time and meeting a fellow blogger to boot.
    Love your story of the day, too much fun was had by all.

  8. Sounds like a great day, such fun and always a bonus to meet a fellow blogger.

  9. Of course I read both blogs... interesting seeing the same world through different eyes. I love meeting other bloggers but don't get that opportunity very often. What fun!

    1. It was fun and we aim to repeat in the Spring.

  10. Enjoyed this post! Does Mr. Him do some male modeling on the side? -Jenn

  11. How exciting. I've never met anyone from Online before.

    Beautiful cottage, great images.


  12. Sounds like a really fun and entertaining day!

  13. I love Lewes - excellent shops as well - particularly if you like junk/antiques rummaging.
    Will visit the Poting Pensioner forthwith...


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