View from an office block

Dear reader, I've been working in London this week and was lucky enough to be right on Oxford Street.  The view from our meeting room window was straight on to the works for the crossrail  Elizabeth Line. 
We remarked that they didn't appear here to be going deep so concluded that this is the works for a station.  It makes sense to have one on Oxford St. 

The men look like Leggo figures. 

This guy up in the crane for hours. 

Google says that in fact this is to be a ticket hall with entrance on Dean Street  for the new and expanding Tottenham Court Road station which will have an Elizabeth Line stop ergo, we were correct in our deductions. 


  1. Interesting photos, we have a lot of construction inToronto in the summer months.

  2. Fascinating to see all the workmen in their orange boiler suits and hard hats. I saw some old footage recently of a building site in the 1940's and the labourers were all wearing jackets and flat caps. No cranes, just wooden ladders and hod carriers.

  3. Yes, I've walked past there a lot. A massive site with a lot of workers.

  4. Oh, that's made me dizzy. Fab view though.

    Drove through Oxford Street on Saturday night. Fantastic

  5. progress in the works from the looks of it.

  6. Excellent view! I find watching construction work from a distance and at height strangely soothing.

    I always enjoy reading about your insights into everyday life.

    Thank you once again.

    SSG xxx

  7. What a great view of this on-going project... I'd spend all my time looking out the window.

  8. It is like the ants nest I found in one of my flowerpots yesterday....


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