Ardingly South of England Show

Dear reader, today's blog is a pictorial of the South of England show.  Mr Him and I took the day off work on Friday and attended this epitome of countryfile local to our home.  I see that Battleaxe also visited  (that's not my new name for Miss 21, although apt on occaisions.)

Firstly the horse bit (not a pun.)

The shire's were pulling their tradional carts and lining up for the judging.  The driver had to doff his cap to the judge and address him as Sir.  

This one is sponosored by our local Lewes brewery.  

After the parade Mr Him visited the shire's for himself, no doubt looking for the associated brewery. 

The Hounds on display

This hound kept running off to join other pack's.  Friendly little canine.  

We moved on and Mr Him found the Leffe beer sampling stall.  I lost him for half an hour here. 

I feel I should remark on the hayfever he suffered that day.  The pollen even caused a rash on his face,  or was it the beer. 

Jointly we found the wine tasting stall. 

We stayed a bit longer at the wine tasting stall. Wisely we took the bus to the show and left the car at home. 

These little cauliflower sheep look easy to reproduce for a table display. 

The cactus stall was so pretty too

This could do for me at home.

The geese 

Mr Him looks like he's lining up for a dog treat too. 

No! We aren't having one of those!  Just No!

The local school's costume competition winners. To make it clear this is not uniforms! 

and the school's word work competition winners.  I love the fish below.

Finally a Seed's for Change stall (for Christine.)

In other news I have discovered Aperol here 

and housework here 


  1. School woodwork has come on a long way from the carved fruit bowls of yesteryear.

  2. Looks like a fun day! I love to watch heavy horses too.

  3. what a lovely show, thanks for sharing the seeds!

  4. Oooh.
    Lovely day.
    And no hoof n hook section to put a bad taste on the show...

    1. I'm not sure what that is which suggests you are correct.

  5. I'd love to have been there... everything from those magnificent horses to that lovely beer and wine! And the talent those kids have in designing dresses! Amazing!

    1. It is a well known event in the south east of England.

  6. Lovely. I want one of those toilet seats...

    1. I don't think they would suit my decor. They would be good in a pub though too.

  7. Spooky, this show was recommended to me last night but those around the table guessed that the suggestion was perhaps made after the horse had bolted. About a month ago,it would seem.


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