Anna does Tidying

My fastidiousness to being neat  is cutting edge. My attunement to orderliness is razor sharp.  The result is a house that's harmonious in ambiance and cupboards that are uncluttered.  I am Minimalist Woman.  In my dreams!  This very week my 21 year old cleared some surfaces and dumped left about recipe books and CDs outside my bedroom door. The meaning being 'put these away where they belong.' At work, Petra, shuffled papers on my desk mumbling ' look you don't need these. Let's get them out the way over there so you can see what you're doing. ' If I go to take bits to a charity shop I invariably come out with more, because ' I always wanted a lime green pencil skirt for the chihuahua, and at that price...'

When I read Sue at My New Life in the Country saying that she's doing a reverse Advent calendar I thought what a darn good way of putting real order into my space.  The idea is that I find something each day to donate.  So far I have given an unwanted last year present, still wrapped, to Mr Him s work raffle.  Donated some pottery jars from my dressing table to my 21 year old. I'm putting a box together in the attic for when she gets her own place. I've emptied a drawer in Mr Him's chest of drawers (it contained clothes for decorating flopping.) Really they could be in the attic given how often he flops.  Half were thrown out.  He really was not going to fit into lycra age 17 again anyway.  What have I done with the space?  Used it for my scarves, of course.  I've also put aside for charity a pressure cooker and my lycra gym trousers (it's only fair really).


  1. There ya go clean up the clutter. Living in or RV with only 250 square feer we don't have a lot of room for extra stuff and clutter, good luck.

  2. Your opening sentences scared me.
    Minimalism? Not here.
    And himself still insists on keeping the socks his mother sewed name tags in over forty years ago. Which do not fit.
    The ambiance of our house is cluttered. And dusty.


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