Vintage Fair Mutton Style

Is it wrong to not want to go out but just stay in snuggled watching TV and drinking Mr Him's sloe gin? That's what I wanted to do last weekend. We had -5c temperatures, we had a fire and we had sloe gin.  What is a mutton woman to do!  Spend weekend on sofa of course. This was interspersed with vacuuming, cooking,  cleaning, washing clothes and instructing Mr Him on bulb planting.  

The previous weekend however did see us venture forth.  We embarked on a journey to  a vintage fair.  Mr Him did whisper to me on the way ' you aren't planning on selling me are you. ' He had unfortunately  seen the label prepared earlier 'Bloggers giveaway' so I had to abandon any such plans until the next vintage sale. My element of surprise had been destroyed.

Oldest,  Team One Woman Thunderbird and her boyfriend the Automotive Engineer joined us.  We caught the train so as cocktails could be imbibed, as you might well anticipate as this is my adventure.  

The fair was in the old Corn Exchange in Brighton.  Although it was called a fair it was a sale.  

First Mr Him puzzled over how the Automotive Engineer managed to find a mouth laser.

One Woman team Thunderbird selected a flower for her hair.

 Mr Him pondered plaid shirts

Then we enjoyed cocktails with our young adults

I did however get a vintage hacking jacket, not quite tweed, Hastings Battleaxe, but close.


  1. In the past, I have had a stall at that Brighton vintage fair - we came down from Brum with our rock-bottom Midlands prices and blew all the local sellers out of the water - they nearly lynched us. Still looking for the tweed suit - I like your jacket though!

  2. Sounds like a fun adventure you had.

  3. I love your practical approach to the adventure. Cocktails make quite a lot of things better. Sometimes MUCH better.

  4. Looks like fun vintage shopping, it's a nice time of year for that. I am starting on my Christmas cards today.


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