One Woman Team Thunderbird

Dear reader, my oldest has sent a shockwave through my motherstolic system. Whilst I was causing havoc in the kitchen on Saturday with my Welsh cake making she was out causing havoc on the roads taking her motorbike test.  Motorbike!  She doesn't have a darn motorbike and has only rode pillion a couple of times on her dad's.  Now she's got a flipping licence!  What's a mother to do! !  I was in ignorance of this plan.  

When she powered her way home in the evening our drive was mostly taken up with her vehicles.  She rather fancies herself as a one woman Thunderbirds team it seems.  She spent Sunday out on Thunderbird 3 practicing all she learnt.  Dear reader,  my motherstolic system was so out of balance i forgot to take photos of Thunderbird 3 whilst it was in our drive.  She took it back to the bike hire on Sunday. 

However here are pics of Thunderbirds 1 and 2. 

Mr Him was so taken aback by all of this that he did some DIY. Yes, dear reader. Now you realise the shockwave  this bike scenario caused to the Himostolic system too.  Mr Him mended one toilet seat, he WD40'd door handles and he took a hammer to the  oldest's door frame (her door sticks and she has to slam.)  The latter  (door handles and frame) were in the hope we can get a full night's sleep. The Young online shopping genius tends to be noisy when she comes in at night.  That's before bringing a flipping motorbike home. 

I meanwhile headed for the kitchen and made a chilli for Mr Him and I. We needed distraction from the one woman Team Thunderbirds. It happens that I had been lectured by a colleague at work that I wasn't eating properly. With the kids now adult and adultsish they fend for themselves.  Mr Him and I are also fending for ourselves.  I've been eating weightwatchers ready meals  and salad when I get home from work.  Mr Him has tuna or some such salad.  The concern to my colleague is that I'm eating so much processed food so regularly.  She told me what I really know but gave up practicing.  Cook batches at the weekend.  Real food and freeze. With that in mind I spent time on a chilli going back to basics and wholesome ingredients.  I served it with corn on the cob and rice.  Four portions went in the freezer too.  

I admit that due to the imbalance of my motherstolic system I did hit the red wine whilst I cooked. Mr Him thinks this bottle is decoration.  If he were to look closely he'd see the damage



  1. Sometimes wine o'clock is a life saver. If not mine, those that I would kill without its moderating influence...

  2. Wine. Every. Day. (Unless it's Friday, of course. Friday is for beer.)

  3. My wine intake was gradually creeping up so I am on a ' only drinking when I go out ' regime for a while .... I do that sometimes !!!!!
    ..... and, your daughter sounds as if she really enjoys driving { and motorbiking !! } Good for her, although, as a mum myself, I'd be a little scared !!!! XXXX


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