A Year On and On Repeat

Dear reader, a funny thing happened on the way to the bank.

Last year I wrote  about a man I met outside our office.  You will need to either press control and click or copy and paste into a browser, but it will be worth it.  


In that write up I mention that I hadn't seen him for a day, well over the last year I haven't seen him nor have my colleagues.

Last week, 3 days after Halloween, I left the office at one to go to the bank.  There he was.  Leaning on a trolley basket.  He called me over.  I suspected how the conversation would go, and it did.

'do you work there?'
'is it very stressful?'
'not too bad.'
'I worked there, don't let it get to you.' 

We said goodbyes and I moved on.  As conversations go its taken a year to find out the next part of his story. He had been a security guard. So I am left wondering, who or what is he. 

Talking of older blogs.  I am off to a black tie dinner tonight.  I wrote about this same event also last year. Out will come the same dress, evening bag and shoes.  I wonder whether there will be the same warrior attitude.



  1. Glamour defeated me many years ago. I now wrestle with respectable. And occasionally triumph.
    Wondering about your stressed gentleman. I wonder what got to him...

  2. Black tie, wow , way over my head.
    Hope you have fun.


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