Views of Brussels from a Taxi Cab and other waffle

Dear reader, being a business sensation I was summoned to make a presentation in Brussels this week.  Well I would be, wouldn't I!  It's obvious to you, I'm sure, that my views on Brexit and Bremain plus Br...don't know, must be heard, or perhaps not!  As I sat not five minutes into my journey I realised that I hadn't packed a blusher brush.  Then I darn well realised I hadn't packed blusher.  Off to a grand start.  With memories of my mascaraless meeting last year running through my brain I hyperventilated for a bit and then devised a back up plan.  I'd use a lip pencil as my blusher. 

I was travelling with seven others to talk at a seminar.  Four of the team were organisers and we other four speakers from a selection of companies. We knew each other well as we often work together.

On the Eurostar I rallied my 4 fellow speakers  to the bar coach where we glided across England,  France and Belgium drinking alcoholic beverages. 

drinks on the Euorstar

 Into the umpteenth beer for them and second wine for me  we had decided Tai Chi at 6 am in the gym was a mighty fine idea.  Once the men moved onto their umpteenth plus a few it was decided that the workshops the next day should begin with the Birdie Song. (if you don't know it, Youtube it, you must)

(For full disclosure the alcohol was not on expenses, nor were the Pringles.)

We arrived and eight of us squeezed into a taxi.  'Shall I go in the front?,' I said helpfully  opening a door.  A quick, 'not that side you're not ' from a panicked speaker, as I realised I was hopping into the driver's seat. Flipping left hand driving. It caught me every taxi ride and each time my fellow speakers were adamant that I was not driving them through Brussels. I can't imagine why!

views of Brussels from a taxi

Our hotel

we had arrived

After a quick turnaround in our rooms we met for our evening meal.  I accompanied mine with water but the men had beer by the gigabyte. Look at the glasses.  They were heavy even when empty!  Apparently they were giving their arms a workout.

Mighty gigabyte glass 

We had had a long day with a hard day ahead and decided it was a night.  Making my way to my room I passed a shoe-shine machine.  A glance along the corridor confirmed I was alone so I decided to play.  Just as I was holding my foot out under the brushes
a fellow speaker came along.  I explained what I was doing but  it clearly wasn't convincing as the following morning he told my fellow speakers at breakfast that I was clearly stressed by the presentation as he saw me 'giving the wall a kicking. '  My reputation dissolved before me.

Once again we piled into one cab for eight people. Once again I tried to drive the cab.  Once again I was removed from such endeavour by my fellow speakers. On arrival at the venue seriousness ensued as we all became professional. Competence was worn as a girdle around our silliness only to be released at 5.30 that evening as we set back off for the Eurostar once again and once again I led the way to the bar coach. 

Heading back to the Eurostar and we notice Brussels outskirts also has a rush hour

Leaving Brussels on the Eurostar

Belgian countryside

A blurred Belgian countryside

It was a hard couple of days work,  intense but fun.  As well as giving a presentation I also ran 3 workshops.  On Wednesday night I arrived home at 11.30 at night and was very glad to climb into my own bed. 


  1. Competence worn as a girdle is a brilliant sentence. I suspect it is as tight and uncomfortable as any other...

    1. we undid our competence belt as soon as we got back on the train.

  2. Sounds like a good business trip good for you Anna.

  3. One of the very few things I miss about work is going to the sort of thing you are describing, and having a totally off the wall laugh...

  4. Looks like you know how to mix business with pleasure.... I'd love that Eurostar ride!

    1. Its a real convenience and the bar makes time go by nicely.

  5. Made me laugh about the shoe-shine machine. It's the sort of thing I do.

  6. I was glued to that post! What a trip! I hope you were allowed to go in later the next day.
    You weren't, at my old company, not even from a trip from China!

    I'm ALWAYS forgetting my blusher brush, mascara is always intact though. H x

    1. No, i was back in at 9 the next morning. Tired though but plenty to tell people.

  7. Lip pencil as blusher? I'm picturing two little round spots on each cheek that one would find on a doll.
    When I visited England I was permitted to try my hand at driving. I made it to the end of the drive before that permission was retracted.

    1. Your imagination is rather accurate. I wore it proudly though. You were brave driving overseas.

  8. Now that's Eurostar-ing it across countries in style!

    I wish I'd been brave and lived in Europe for a bit in my younger years. The ease with which one can visit so many different countries at your doorstep is mind blowing to an Australian like me.

    SSG xxx


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