The Full Monty of Trifle

Having left Brussels to recover from my visit I have thrown myself into family life this last weekend.  On Saturday I made a trifle.  This was no ordinary twee sweet sherry trifle.  No, for I went for a 'full monty vodka shot trifle' many months in the preparation.  Mr Him had made strawberry and mango vodka last year. Rather than waste those vodka infused fruits we froze them to enjoy in the summer.  Perfect to serve to unwitting guests at a bbq, accompanied by a taxi home.

The vodka soaked strawberries and mango chunks were flooded by strawberry jelly and left to set overnight.

A layer of custard  (I used a carton) 

followed by a layer of whipped cream 

and topped with sprinkles. 

All the better to stop the vodka evaporating.  Served with a spoon and a glint to my eye, from the fumes.

The sun shone.  It was hot but not too hot.  The family and guests were polite but not too polite. The potato salad creamy but not too creamy. The trifle  tipsy but not too tipsy.  A perfect use of the strawberries and mango.  The good news is we still have more in the freezer.

On bank holiday Monday I met my brother and my mum for lunch and we went to Prezzo.   I so love those decorative jars in there. Always a photo opportunity but I think we make far better use of infused fruits. 

Mum was sent home with half her carbonara in a doggy bag  (carton actually.)
Back to work Tuesday and the Yogurt Churner Extraordinaire decided to move back in. There is no more room at the inn. We are now full.


  1. Now that sounds like an amazing Trifle don't think my gramma ever had it vodka infused though.
    Wish we were there. Long taxi ride home though !

  2. your trifle looks and sounds amazing! A full house is nice.

  3. That is an epic trifle!

    Our house is going to be packed to the rafters this weekend. My mum and TWO aunties are coming to stay. They're a lively bunch of girls too.

    SSG xxx

  4. So you buy custard? I have to make mine. That's where I add the liquor, sometimes.

  5. Looks elegant... and no doubt tastes as delicious as it looks!

  6. Oh. My. GAWD. I would have eaten nothing but that trifle. Your description of it is wonderfully funny!

  7. A vodka trifle! Now, there's interesting.

    I used to go all out with Delia Smith's Sherry trifle every Christmas. Did the lot - put jam on sponge fingers, made real custard etc.
    Then one Christmas, the custard curdled and I had to go round the shop and get tinned. It dampened my soul, and we get shop brought now.

  8. Nothing but Waitrose Vanilla custard on my trifles, deah. Hell, I remember making it with Birds Custard powder. Hmm, rhubarb and custard...banana custard...

  9. Crikey ....... that trifle sure looks good. It looks easy to make to. My Mum's going to give it a try but she wants to add some jam filled sponge cake. She's a lousy cook but surely even she couldn't make a mess of that. As long as she doesn't drink the bottle of vodka!!
    Thanks for stopping in on my blog today. That was very nice of you. I sure hope we can be friends. I like all your bitsa stuff. I'm sure I'll find it interesting finding out more about your bits ...

  10. Wow that trifle sounds and looks amazing!


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