The Palace and the Manners

My hectic weekend of walking continued at a pace on Sunday with a visit to Hampton Court Palace where I sat in the 'Queen's' spot in the Great Hall.  I'm glad it ended there!

The weekend antics were due to a colleague from Kenya visiting our office and after offering to show him sights he selected Henry Viii's little abode.  Well, Henry followed by subsequent royalty.  It was a glorious day and my phone told me I'd walked 13000 odd steps.  I got home and fainted!

Today's blog shows you the Palace and the 'manners.'  

The Palace

The chimneys

The stained glass window in the Great Hall

The Great Hall where Henry and wives presided over meals

Tapestries that have hung for 500 years

Actors portrayed Georgian scenes within the Georgian section

The Manners

It was important to have table manners in Henry's company.  My Kenyan colleague pointed out that he'd be too afraid to eat


  1. early manners...interesting. Thanks for the tour Anna.

  2. That etiquette advice is still good today! I remember reading many years ago excerpts from a medieval etiquette book for servers at table that contained this immortal advice -- "always beware thy hinder parts from guns blasting." What a poetic way to say "no farting!"

  3. Love those manners - and would like to see them more closely observed today.


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