The Gardens and the Vines

Thank you for your comments on the 'Manners.' I'm glad you enjoyed them.  For my part I am ensuring they are closely observed at home.

Back to Hampton Court Palace and today I am showing you the gardens.  I wanted to give you a few days to digest the 'Manners'!  I assume are now ready for the pretty pictures.

When I saw the gardens I was whisked to Versailles.  Flat open landscape and fountains.

The Wisteria was in full bloom

The trees (Yew I think) are shaped like toadstools. I don't know the significance.

Spring blooms, tulips. 

Hampton Court homes the largest vine in the world. It dates to 1768 and is still bearing fruit. 


  1. Lovely pictures, thanks for another tour.

  2. thanks, love gardens, no one does them better than the English!

  3. Last time I was at Hampton Court I was just 18 years old! Remember the lovely gardens and the maze.

  4. Always think of the indoor tennis courts at Hampton Court and imagine King Henry trying to play!

  5. Love flowers and gardens... love your tour!


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