Guildford Castle

Today I'm getting around to posting pics of Guildford castle for you . Somewhat older than Hampton Court being Norman.  This little room was labelled as being the King's bedroom.  The ceiling is low and Henry wouldn't have fit his height or girth in this box.

This castle was built on a hill being typical of castles whereas Hampton Court was confidently flaunting itself  on flat land.

The castle would have been surrounded by a water but the ditch now contains a spring floral display.

loved this couple dozing in the sun

It's thought this castle was first built soon after the Norman invasion after William's march to Canterbury. It's built along the route of the Pilgrim's Way.  The castle underwent improvements under Henry 111. 
It was later used as a gaol until 1487 when the gaol was moved to Lewes, (where it remains today as a holding prison for Sussex convicts until they are relocated. )

Some ducks made themselves at home along the ruins.

Guildford is now a thriving market and business town.  There's a huge contrast between the views the ducks have and the other side of the castle.


  1. Thanks for the lovely interesting tour, what beautiful gardens!

  2. what a wonderful tour a great pics.

  3. Hey, "spring floral displays" in the moat aren't going to deter a Viking invasion, you know.

  4. I would very happily join that couple dozing.
    Thank you for taking us with you.

  5. Lovely photos especially of the floral moat.


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