Dear reader,  I awoke Sunday morning to a text from Miss 22 saying she was passing Birmingham signs and heading north.  As we live in Sussex and I last saw her heading to bed this was no mean feat.

I asked her where she was going. Silverstone race track was the answer.  She added she 'wasn't going on the circuit'. Well that was a relief! 

Silverstone race track holds the UK grand prix.  This weekend it hosted a Japanese car rally thingy. 

Here are her  pics for you.


  1. That looks like some amazing racing there, thanks for sharing. Sure would be fun.

  2. wow I feel the excitement!

  3. Gosh, she must have had an early start. frightening smoking car pics. Is that exhaust or burning tyres?

  4. Burnin' rubber or what. Sorry I have not been to visit your blog in a couple of weeks - but am back on it now!

  5. They've held a few NASCAR racing events here in Edmonton and from a distance, the cars sound like an endless drone of angry bees.

  6. Does look good.
    I've seen similar on the TV

    All the best Jan


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