The Delivery

Miss 21 has had a delivery!  Winging it's way across the Atlantic Ocean from South Carolina was a box.  This box arrived on Saturday.  I was handed the box by a courier. I walked it to the garden where miss 21 was sitting having a coffee. 
The first thing we discovered was that the clear tape used was stronger than our sellotape.  Running a pen along the seal did not work.  We needed scissors. 

Inside the box, carefully wrapped within paper were two squeezie bottles.  Ooh such excitement. It was Duke's Mayonnaise 

and a bottle of bbq sauce. 

 Both had made their way across the ocean from a friend in South Carolina. 

 Why you ask?

Well, a few weeks ago Miss 21 bought some Heinz Mayonnaise. She put a status  on Facebook that this mayonnaise was the bees knees,  the best she'd eaten.  This brought a reply from my US friend that Duke's was the best.  The conversation rambled on and then concluded with the two agreeing to post each other a bottle of mayonnaise.  I piped up that Heinz is American!  Yes,  but Heinz Mayonnaise is not available in the vicinity of the house of my South Carolina friend. It's not widely available in the UK either according to Miss 21.  She can only get it in one shop and has not divulged which shop.  I'm of the mind that she's making it. Our eggs are disappearing alarmingly fast and so are Heinz Ketchup bottles, now I come to think of it.

Finally a note to my new readers, don't forget I have another blog, Mutton-Style, which is more traditional.


  1. I love a good mayonnaise conspiracy and smack-down! I've never heard of Duke's Mayonnaise and I've never seen a bottle of Heinz Mayonnaise. I'd be suspicious too. Me, I'm a Hellman's girl.

  2. I was raised on Miracle Whip, which is a mayonnaise knock-off.... probably concocted during WWII when things were rationed... so have never really developed a taste for the "real thing". We lived in SC for a while... never saw Duke's, but suspect that Maurices's is from that famous restaurant in Columbia, SC.

  3. I'm a Hellman's woman meself. But not at all just now. Am on low fat diet


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